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Welcome to First Priority Realty, where trust and relationships form the cornerstone of every home story. Mayra, invites you to experience a real estate journey rooted in honesty, respect, and integrity.,

Why Mayra:  She brings local knowledge Serving Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk County real estate markets. She a seasoned realtor with over 19 years of experience Her Enthusiastic, Passion, Dedication and Love for real estate are unmatched.  She will guide you in your real estate journey. , ensuring you make the best decision for your family.

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Comprehensive Support: From first-time homebuyers, Seller, to seasoned investors, Mayra’s approach is all-encompassing. Her expertise is invaluable. She understands the nuances and anxieties of first-time buying and will be your steadfast supporter throughout the process. She collaborates with buyers, sellers, attorneys, and mortgage brokers, ensuring every aspect of your transaction is handled with care.

Building Lasting Relationships: Mayra’s goal extends beyond transactions. She focuses on building long-lasting relationships, ensuring you feel supported, informed, and confident throughout your real estate journey. Mayra believes that every real estate transaction is more than just a deal; it’s a family affair, a step towards your future. Her commitment to fairness and trust ensures that your journey in finding or selling your home is smooth, transparent, and fulfilling.

Your Home, Your Story: every home has a story, and Mayra is here to help you write yours. Whether you are dreaming of your first home, seeking to sell, or looking to expand, Mayra is your partner in this exciting chapter of life.

Mayra has been excellent all around. I highly recommend her. She is professional, very knowledgeable, great at prioritizing, has great attention to detail, and has a lot of charisma (something so vital for this industry). I moved across the country and needed help with selling of a property. This was my first time selling and she walked me through the process. She was able to find a buyer in a short time frame but the first buyer didn’t go through as they did not meet certain criteria. Mayra did an awesome job in hosting more open houses and finding another buyer and everything was smooth sailing. It is hard enough to not be able to be present to sell property as I was not physically in the state. She just was very patient and made the process as smooth as possible. I highly recommend her and will definitely work with her in the future. You will not be disappointed!!